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Ponds, Waterfalls, & Water Features by Hawk Landscaping

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of creating excitement in an existing landscape space is the addition of a water feature. There are many possibilities when it comes to including the water element into your area. Hawk Landscaping will work with you to plan the best placement and use of water features in your landscaping plans for home and business.

If your objective is to provide a gathering place for family, friends, or clients, a fountain can provide a beautiful setting. These are usually located centrally on a property, and offer a dedicated bit of moving, active noise that people notice. The bubbling, shooting water can be further enhanced with lights, to suit exterior décor or to promote corporate or family interests.

Maybe you need your water feature designed to help take your cares away, in which case a relaxing pond or waterfall would be more suitable. It does not have to be a large undertaking! A small patch of ground can still hold an interesting, decorative, natural water feature that will soothe away the worries of the day.

Families enjoy taking it easy with a small pond, where young children may be taught to feed and care for a few small fish. Adults may just want to sit with the sound of water and let it ease away tension, or meditate on flowing and healing. Businesses have come to learn that having a waterfall where customers wait helps make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Whether you plan to excite, gather, or calm, count on Hawk Landscaping to work with you in placing the right kind of water feature to enhance the beauty of your property, and help keep it working right.


PA Certified    •    Free Estimates (814) 942-7821    •    Residential and Commercial