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Outdoor Landscape Lighting by Hawk Landscaping


Hawk Landscaping offers this gentle reminder:

There may be nothing quite as beautiful and dramatic as seeing a property that is well lit.  

It captures attention, and can highlight a special feature of a home or business, whether it is an American flag, a beautiful fountain, or even the front door!

Having the right lighting around your property can make a big difference when it comes to security and safety, too. Perhaps you would like additional lighting along your driveway or walking path. Maybe you do not need a light on all the time, and would prefer the function of a motion-sensor to turn on the light right when you need it.

When it comes to lighting design for your outdoor project, call Hawk Landscaping. With the experience to make your property look its best, Hawk is sure to include just the right type and style of lighting to suit the needs of your home or business. We will work with you to ensure beauty and safety, to meet all kinds of weather conditions.

Need to shine a spotlight on your property?
Trust Hawk Landscaping to install just the right light.


PA Certified    •    Free Estimates (814) 942-7821    •    Residential and Commercial