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Hardscaping Patios, Driveways, Retaining Walls & more!


The folks at Hawk Landscaping ask you to think for a moment. What comes to mind when you think of landscaping? Often, what comes to mind first is a vision of rolling lawns, with maybe a few trees or bushes. However, when it comes to actually being able to utilize the land in and around your home or business, more often than not, there can be quite a bit of hard and durable products required to make places like driveways, walkways, outbuildings and other areas more useful, safe, and enjoyable.

For example, when improvements are made to an existing piece of land, there are many things to consider; such as, how often the area will be used; will it see heavy foot traffic or be driven upon; might vehicles be parked for extended periods of time; what types of drainage issues exist or may change after making the improvements—these and other concerns must be factored into any landscaping plans.

After years of barbecuing in the yard, maybe you are ready for the more formal setting of a patio, where you and your family can enjoy added safety and security; or you decide you really do need a better walkway to take you back and forth between a garage or shed. If you have friends or family who use assistive devices to get around, you may need to provide a smoother access for such things as walkers, chairs, or scooters. Perhaps your business needs to make its exterior more accessible, or is ready to upgrade so that vehicles are not parked in puddles of mud whenever it rains.



Whatever your needs and to ensure customer satisfaction, Hawk Landscaping, Inc. uses top quality products. We are an authorized Techo-Pro installer, which means your paving and wall system materials will pass the durable standards test, giving you years of assured peace of mind. We also do quality cement work, which can extend the use and function of driveways and walkways for years to come.

Stone is another beautiful option that many homeowners and business choose to use for paving and other areas around the property. Our installers can deliver 2A or 2B rough stone, and the smoother beauty of river stone wherever you need it most.

Trust Hawk Landscaping, with the right supplies and materials to get the job done right!

PA Certified    •    Free Estimates (814) 942-7821    •    Residential and Commercial